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Mar 17
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Consume Better to Kill Sugar Cravings

Lately, I’ve been getting serious about quitting my sugar addiction. In the past, I’ve gone a couple days abstaining from sugar, feeling pretty good about myself until the cravings cause me to dive back into eating an abundance of sweets with a vengeance. Sugar cravings are the leading cause of people falling off of their diet wagons, according to Dr. Axe, and I can attest to that. The craving for sugar is a powerful one, and working to kill that craving, may be the key to helping people get control of their sugar consumption for good. Turns out a balanced consumption of four healthy foods, can aid in re-balancing your blood sugar levels which can hinder the intensity of cravings.

First, it is important to abstain from refined sugar altogether—or to at least ween yourself off of it. Continuing to eat the same amounts of sugar will continue the negative cycle of cravings. The idea is to re-balance your blood sugar naturally with healthy whole foods. According to Dr. Axe, the four primary foods to consume are clean protein, healthy fats, fiber, and fermented foods. They will work to realign your digestive tract to help clean your blood.

For those of us looking for clean vegan protein, Bean and Lentil sprouts are ideal sources. Sprouted Peas, Garbanzo Beans, and Lentils are abundant in protein and tasty—even more tasty when sprouted as a mix! Boil Black beans, Pinto Beans, and Red Small beans to receive your daily need for protein. Protein works to slow digestion, similar to healthy fats, working to regulate blood sugar levels.

Healthy Fats are found in an assortment of nuts and seeds, such as Cashews, Almonds, Hemp Seeds, and Sunflower seeds (also Sunflower microgreens). Not only do healthy fats slow digestion, they help to remove LDL cholesterol from your veins and arteries, which promotes a healthy heart.

Fiber promotes cleansing and detoxification in intestines, which works to rebalance blood sugar levels, causing a not only a reduction in cravings but a revitalization in overall function. Sprouted Chia seeds and Flax seeds are stellar sources of fiber and healthy fats. Also, incorporating Broccoli sprouts and brown rice into your meals will improve fiber intake levels substantially.

Finally, consuming fermented vegetables regularly is important to rebalancing the pH of your stomach and other intestines, which—again—promotes a healthy digestive system. Plus, fermenting vegetables, like sauerkraut is easy, tasty, and fun!

So, as we can see, a healthy digestion is integral in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. And maybe that is the solution to the craving problem. Fix your digestion—fix your cravings.


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