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Dec 29
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hanging flower baskets in a garden nursery

Figuring out the right growing requirements for every seed is tricky enough; picking the right container doesn’t have to make things harder. Find the perfect container for growing your favorite flowers and vegetables. We are going to dissect which containers are best suited for your growing purpose and personal preferences. Let's get started.

Seed Starting Trays

I love the beginning of each year because it's time to start planning my garden. If you’re like me, you love starting your plants from seed yourself. We have several options available to you! My personal favorite seed starter pack is the 6-cell Heavy Duty Plug Tray Inserts because they are reusable. That's right, you don’t need to throw away tray after tray when you are done using them. Just rinse away any dirt or plant matter, wash, and reuse. They are designed with larger drainage holes to easily remove your plugs when you are ready. Plus, they reduce root circling. That sounds like a win to me!

If you’re new to the seed-starting process and want to figure things out first before investing in reusable containers, we still have your back. For dipping your toes in the process with 12 or fewer plants, try out the Seed Starting Set, which comes with a tray, small 12-cell insert, and a humidity dome. Otherwise, select the insert which best matches your needs.

Growing lots of flowers - start with the 288 Plug tray insert. Then transplant your young plugs into a larger cell insert.

Starting vegetables or transplanting flower plugs? For plants that can get quite large before transplanting, such as artichokes, squash, and onions, use a larger cell option. The 18-cell 3.5-inch pots or 12-cell trays (3x5 inches each) work great.

For smaller vegetables and flowers, select your preference. All of our tray inserts will fit on a 1020 tray for easy transportation. I especially love using the 10x20 2.5-inch deep mesh trays as they are made with extra strength to avoid breaking while carrying, sliding, or moving a full load of plant starts. And the mesh pattern allows you to water freely without the inserts sitting in standing water.

Garden Planters

For those of us who are looking for something with a little more aesthetic appeal, try one of our planters. We offer a variety of options, including hanging baskets, boxes, small raised beds, and slow composting coco fiber pots. Create your own unique combinations for gorgeous patios and balconies that are sure to stand out!

girl in balcony garden

Coco Fiber Pots

These pots are made of coconut fibers for a decorative growing container that is both sustainable and compostable. Because they are slow to decompose, we recommend cutting out the bottom of the pot if you decide to transplant, as tender roots may have a hard time reaching beyond the pot's bounds. We love these pots because they are made from coconut fibers, a natural waste product of the coconut industry. These pots work well for growing as they allow for proper drainage while retaining moisture.

Bloom Master - Hanging Basket and Planter Box

If you enjoy a good hanging basket of flowing florals, this is the ultimate basket for you. The baskets are available in 2-gallon, 3-gallon, 4-gallon, and 6-gallon options. For the best results, pair with the High Water Retention Minute Soil+ Kit. This mix has been specially created for growing in climates with hot and dry summers. For starting your flowers from seed, we recommend using the Coco Coir Netted Pellets to easily prepare your basket. In addition to the baskets, a hanging planter box is also available.

Raised Garden Box Planter

Adding a raised garden box to your patio and balcony gardens is a game changer. It not only makes gardening easier by reducing the need to bend over but also adds a pleasing height difference. Don’t quite like how it looks in one location; just move it. The size of this box allows for easy maneuvering allowing you to change things up on your own schedule. With plenty of room for root development, you can grow anything from vegetables to herbs and flowers.

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This year might be the year that I finally break down and buy a coco container!

Crystal Lambert

I do love the 6 pack trays. They are so easy to handle. I can move around the raiesd beds we have easily. They sit on the edge and are s oconvenient to use.

Katie Nielsen

What do you have for hydroponics? I would like to plant seeds in some medium that once the seedlings are rooted, I could put in my hydroponic system. Thank you


We love all the True Leaf Market Supplies, thank you for such a well written post! Can’t wait to make our first order.

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