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Other Gift Ideas

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Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites
Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Sprouting Jar Lid 4 Pack
Stainless Steel Fermenting Kits home fermented vegetablesStainless Steel Fermenting Kits
Food Storage Sprouting Kit: UnpackedFood Storage Sprouting Kit: Half Packed View
Sprout Sack Bag Sprouter
Tofu Making Kit with Plastic MoldPlastic Tofu Press - 5"x4"x3"
Fifo Can Tracker ShelfFIFO Can Tracker Rotation System
barnwood planter brownBarnwood Planter with Culinary Herbs
Vegan Nut Milk Bag - Packaging
Stack and Grow Terra CottaStack and Grow Sand Color
Tofu Mold - Medium Plastic PressTofu Mold - Medium Plastic Press - inside view
True Leaf Market t-shirt - Men's Military GreenTrue Leaf Market t-shirt - Women's Forrest Green
Blue Apple Combo Pack - Includes Refill
Wheatgrass Shot Glass - Caution Liquid ChlorophyllWheatgrass shot glass- Empty