Stainless Steel Fermenting Kits


This complete stainless steel fermentation solution makes mason jar fermentation easy, simple and convenient. Trellis fermenting lids fit on any wide mouth jar from 8 Oz to 64 Oz so you can easily customize your batch size.The simple design makes for the easiest and most maintenance free approach to at home fermenting. Choose from complete kits, or components (Lids, Pickle Helix Coils, or Replacement Valves). Free downloadable fermentation guide.  

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Stainless Steel Fermenting Kits


  • COMPLETE MASON JAR KIT: 1 Stainless Steel Lid with waterless silicone airlocks, 1 wide mouth mason jar, and 1 Pickle Helix.
  • 3 PACK COMPLETE KIT: 3 Stainless Steel Lids with waterless silicone airlocks - Lids fit on wide mouth canning jars, 3 Pickle Helix weight coils - to hold vegetables down for fermentation. Free fermentation guide
  • 3 PACK LIDS ONLY: 3 Stainless Steel Lids -  silicone airlocks - Fit wide mouth canning jars - This lids-only variation DOES NOT include the Pickle Helix coils. Free fermentation guide
  • 3 PACK PICKLE HELIX: Set of three Pickle Helix. Works with wide mouth jars and most jar-top fermenter lids. For best results, we recommend using the Pickle Helix with our Trellis + Co. Complete Fermenting System. Avoid using with silicone fermenting lids. Includes 3 Pickle Helix coils. Lids & jars not included.
  • VALVES: Set of three replacement valves for stainless steel fermenter lids. Easy to press into place.


  • FERMENT LIKE A PRO: Pro fermenters use nothing but stainless steel, why shouldn't you? Our fermenting lid kit has the smallest amount of plastic on the market! NO FUSS: The PickleHelix is easily removed for a quick bite and won't displace brine and cause overflows like glass fermenter weights. They are unbreakable. And they automatically adjust to changing ferment volumes and compress down to the mere thickness of a glass weight if necessary.

  • WATERLESS AIRLOCKS: We ditched the pool of stagnant, pathogen-filled water sitting right over your precious probiotic food. No need to top-off the water during those long ferments! Our one-way valves ("“waterless airlocks") are maintenance-free and they allow your ferments to be stacked in the cupboard or put on that smallest fridge shelf to save space.

  • 100% 316 STAINLESS STEEL: This is the safest/cleanest possible material to use for food which is why all commercial fermenting equipment is made using Stainless Steel. Our patent-pending PickleHelix combined with our unique waterless airlock lid/valve is the only 100% medical-grade (316) stainless steel fermenting system for mason jars on the market!

  • BONUS: Free downloadable fermentation guide. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Trellis Stainless Steel Fermenting Kit

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