Fifo - Can Tracker - Shelf Can Rotator


The FIFO Can Tracker is your perfect solution for long term food storage, can rotation or organizing existing cupboard, pantry or shelf space. Holds up to 54 cans per FIFO unit, and fits most shelves. Makes food storage rotation a breeze.

FIFO Can Tracker - Shelf Insert Can Rotation System

Stay organized with the Can Tracker! The FIFO Can Tracker is a sturdy, convenient way to store up to 54 cans. Featuring patented front-loading technology, the Can Tracker automatically rotates cans on a FIRST IN FIRST OUT basis. The system is also expandable with additional units, allowing for easy can organization and storage.


  • Perfect for organizing your pantry
  • 12" H x 16" W x 16" D (width will vary depending upon can sizes)
  • First In First Out Storage
  • Fits standard size storage racks and gorilla racks
  • Fits most regular pantry or cupboard shelves
  • System will hold up to 54 cans
  • Store  4 to 15 oz. cans
  • Can be combined with additional units
  • Soda cans can be rotated with this system

Storing food has never been this Can-Tastic! Our first in first out Can Tracker system guarantees you"ll never have to deal with can expiration dates again because it rotates your food from oldest to newest. Its easy fit design also lets you store a variety of can sizes. The Can Tracker can hold up to 54 soup size cans or 45 regular size cans.

The Can Tracker has two can rotation levels. When the top row has finished rotating, the middle track will begin to rotate through.

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