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Jun 22
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Why You Should Grow Wheatgrass For Yourself And Your Pets

True Leaf Market has a long history with all things wheatgrass. It is an amazing source of vital nutrients that can be accessed through juicing, or directly eaten by your pets.

Wheatgrass juice helps with digestion, eliminates toxins, is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, and strengthens the body’s immune system, among many other health benefits. See more benefits of wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass is also beneficial to pets, and they love it! Wheatgrass reduces constipation and hairballs, minimizes or eliminates bad breath, and adds fiber and micronutrients to your pet’s diet. Growing your own wheatgrass for your pet ensures that the grass they chew and consume is pesticide free, unlike whatever might be outside on the lawn.

Wheatgrass is a superfood packed with nutrients and low in calories. To maximize the nutritional benefit, wheatgrass is harvested young then pressed and squeezed to make wheatgrass juice, which is then drunk raw as a shot or in smoothies or green drinks. To get the full benefit of wheatgrass and not lose any nutritional value, optimally wheatgrass should be freshly grown, then harvested and juiced, ideally consumed within 6 minutes of harvesting if possible to get the absolute full nutritional benefit (but drinking it anytime is good too!).

New to wheatgrass? Check out our Growing Wheatgrass Starter Guide. We also have numerous videos about wheatgrass to show you what to do, including how to grow wheatgrass and how to harvest and juice wheatgrass. With our large variety of wheatgrass kits and supplies, we’re sure to have what you need to realize the benefits for yourself.

Happy Planting!

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Lisa Brocato

We are a vertical farm that sells a lot of Wheatgrass at our farmers markets and about 60% of those sales are from people buying the Wheatgrass for their pets. They are regular weekly customers who love giving their pets such a nutritious treat and feel they are getting a superior product (thank you True Leaf). I’m so glad I came across this Blog post while I was buying more Wheatgrass seeds because you provided some insight I was not aware of for other benefits pets can receive from Wheatgrass. I can’t wait to share this with my customers! Thank you!

Jeannie & Doug Romanello

First of all. I did not realize that I could enjoy this resource of BLOGS written for our educating enjoyment. Thinking this evening may become a binge of BLOG readings :D. Secondly, We have considered Wheatgrass in the past as part of our own personal care. Have even entertained the thought of offering this to our local community. Pretty sure this IS in our future. Perfect timing for a good reading. Thank you.