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Sep 6
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The Value of Fresh Wheatgrass Juice

How quickly should you drink wheatgrass or barleygrass juice after juicing it? This is our second most common question! Along with-- is powdered and frozen juice just as good? Living green food is one of the most efficient ways to revitalize our bodies. While at the Ann Wigmore Living Food Institute she stated that to get the most live enzymes from juicing you have to drink the juice within 6 minutes of juicing. The life force and vitality are at a peak right after juicing. Why are these enzymes so important, to answer this we turn to Dr. Edward Howell:

Dr. Edward Howell stated in his book "Enzyme Nutrition":

"Hundreds of metabolic enzymes are necessary to carry on the work of the body--to repair damage and decay, and heal diseases."

"When ingested, the enzymes in raw food result in a significant degree of digestion, lowering the drain on the organism's own enzyme potential."

We often have customers that would like to juice the grass they grow all at once and freeze it for further use, in the freezing and thawing process enzymes are lost. Go fresh if possible!!


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