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The Benefits of Wheatgrass for Pets!

Published July 18, 2017

Updated January 24, 2023

I have often caught my cat, Curie, coming in after a long day of cat stuff with blades of lawn grass stuck in her teeth and whiskers. Or, I have come into the kitchen and caught her nibbling on my tray of wheatgrass growing on the counter. Sometimes she will vomit afterward, sometimes not. What could this mean? Why is she eating grass? Will it hurt her? Is it a sign that my cat is sick?

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

The reason many cats regurgitate grass is that it helps aid in their digestion. You see, cats lack certain enzymes that digest some vegetative matter. The fibers in grass act as a cleanse for a cat’s stomach, pulling out matter that the feline may be struggling to digest, such as hairballs. Sometimes, the cat may resist vomiting in order to cleanse their intestines, making the grass work as a natural laxative. In short, grass is not harmful to your cat. It is actually healthy for your cat to consume a fair amount of grass. They can especially benefit from consuming wheatgrass.

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Wheatgrass contains Vitamins E and B, which work to strengthen the immune system, stimulate the nervous system, and prevent heart disease. The Chlorophyll and Folic Acid in wheatgrass cleanse the liver and blood by aiding in the production of hemoglobin, the protein that moves oxygen through the blood. Wheatgrass is believed to increase vitality and stamina, combat free radicals, and even reduce body odor. All of the benefits that a human receives from consuming wheatgrass juice can also be applied to cats who eat the grass fresh.

When working or traveling occasionally, it can be hard to keep the wheatgrass fresh and hydrated. Fortunately, self-watering trays make growing cat grass a must. Cats like Nova love it! Nova is a member of our graphic designer's family. As you can see in the video, she just can’t get enough. Not only is it tasty, but it is also attractive. You can easily add a tray or two to your houseplant family. And, you can rest easy knowing it won’t make your pets ill. Try pet grass today with this self-watering cat grass kit.

Wheatgrass is For Dogs Too!

What about dogs? Does wheatgrass benefit the health of dogs in the same way? Short answer: Yes. Dogs are also known to munch on lawn grass for many possible reasons, including its taste, to pass time, or as a digestive aid. We are not 100% sure why dogs like to eat grass, but the health benefits of incorporating wheatgrass into their diet are astounding. Who could blame a dog for wanting to be healthy? Whether you have a lively cat or dog, we recommend providing them with a healthy source of clean grass to snack on throughout the day. To meet this challenge, True Leaf Market has created a pet grass blend including wheat, rye, barley, and oats. Not sure your pet will enjoy it? Start with this mini pet grass kit for a trial run.

Tom Stem, a dog breeder from Ontario, began mixing wheatgrass pulp with their dog food, believing that his wife had recovered from breast cancer through the consumption of wheatgrass juice. He noticed the energy and well-being of his dogs also increased. The rashes his canines were experiencing healed rapidly after adding wheatgrass into their diet.

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Working with a local veterinarian, Tom Stem adopted a terminally-ill dog with cancer and started feeding it the same way he’d fed the others. In a few weeks, the dog began to regain its mobility. Within four months, the dog was completely mobile and strutting around Stem’s farm. Even though the dog eventually died from cancer, it was able to live nine months longer than what was initially expected. Not only did it just live, but lived happily as a dog should. Read more about this story in "Dogs Prove Wheatgrass Works."

After learning of the health benefits of wheatgrass for pets, I’ve begun to grow a square tray of wheatgrass just for Curie. She seems to enjoy taking small nibbles here and there, rubbing her face on the blades, and scampering off. I’ve witnessed first-hand how providing a good source of wheatgrass for my pet (next to her food) has increased her energy and happiness in my apartment.



I learned a lot from this article! We give our cat wheatgrass but never knew how good it was for them! I just bought some seeds to grow our own so our cat can have it all the time.

Michelle Richee

I was really happy to find this article on wheat grass and cats. Saxton is a 23 pound Sealpoint Siamese and really keeps me entertained. He develops a skin condition once a year and I see him eating grass outdoors. I’ve known for years that it “won’t hurt him” and might be good for him. Since then, I learned “green is good” and after drinking some OJ mixed with wheat grass powder just now, I wondered — would Saxton eat this? It was time for his snack so I placed not even 1/8 tsp. in his food dish with his snack on top. A few minutes later he had lapped up every speck. He is extremely finicky so I will increase the amount vever so slowly. I know it has to be good for him.