Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge - Break Out and Sprout

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Jan 8
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Join the challenge today! This week's focus of our Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge is to Break Out and Sprout. Sprouting is perhaps the most strenuous and difficult part of the development journey. As a sprout emerges from its coat with nothing but the nutrients stored within, it stretches up for light and down to set root. While there is an insane amount of activity happening within these small seeds, they may not look like much. But in actuality, they are packed with up to 40 times the nutrients as their mature stages. Like sprouts, our new beginnings can be difficult and uncomfortable but also extremely rewarding. When it feels like you are hitting rocks with a new habit or renewed commitment to something, remember sprouts can spend weeks just trying to get out of their shell. You are doing great!

Join the 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge!

Week 1 - A Clean Green Start. Detox with wheatgrass. learn about the health benefits of wheatgrass. Declutter your home. Take a daily walk. Replace bad habits with good ones. Week 2 - Break out and sprout. Try sprouting new varieties. Learn about the health benefits of sprouts. Try a new sprouting method (jar, tray, terra cotta, bag). Spend a few minutes stretching each day. Week 3 - Tiny but Mighty. Try growing new microgreens. Learn about the health benefits of microgreens. Try a new growing medium. Do a micro workout - move for 15 minutes. Week 4 - Feast Together. Share your favorite sprouts and microgreens recipes. How can you spend quality time with friends and family this week? What are your favorite sprouts and microgreens? What do you like about them?

Try New Sprouting Varieties

If you are familiar with growing sprouts it can become easy to grow the same seeds over and over again. Don’t forget to break out and try new varieties or combinations every once in a while. You never know when something will surprise you. For help knowing how to use sprouts in your day to day cooking, we recommend utilizing recipes and ideas from people like Kristina of @fullyrawkristina.

Health Benefits of Sprouts

Growing and eating sprouts isn’t just another popular trend. They really are packed full of essential and sustainable nutrients. Plus, they are filled with antioxidants known to help restore, heal, and cleanse the body. Not only do they fill you with good nutrients, they literally aid in cleansing the body. Don’t just take our word for it, learn more for yourself. The Sprout Book by Doug Evans is a great place to get started. Or, check out our True Leaf Market Sprouting Guide and how-to videos for guidance on growing dozens of sprouting seeds, mixes, and methods.

Different Sprouting Methods

Not only are there different types of sprouts with individual flavors fit for your personal taste preferences, but there are also several methods to grow them. Whether you like to live life on the go, are more of a homebody, or are regularly fixing enough food to feed an army, we have a method for you. Below you will find the most popular growing methods and when to use them.

Jar - This is considered the easiest method for small batches. It is also great for growing various amounts. Want more sprouts? Use a larger jar.

Tray - The tray method is also very simple, but will produce a larger amount of sprouts. Our stackable sprout garden is great for producing both a high volume and variety of sprouts.

Bag - A sprouting bag is great for those who are always looking for their next adventure. Going backpacking? No problem! Simply clip your sprouting bag to your pack and store your dry seeds for later use.

Terra Cotta - Small Terra Cotta trays are great for growing difficult mucilagenous seeds. These seed types produce a slimy film around the seed when it comes in contact with water. This can make it difficult to manage with traditional growing methods. Interested in giving it a try? You can find step by step instructions in our sprouting guide.

Stretch Each Day

In addition to trying new sprouts and learning about the many benefits of consuming sprouts, we encourage you to also spend a few minutes stretching each day. These small, and simple movements have been proven to improve circulation, improve posture, decrease stress, and help protect your muscles from potential injuries. These are just a few of the many ways small movements can greatly impact your day to day life.

Want Information About Wheatgrass and Week 1 of This Challenge?

Sprout For Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge Kick Off (Week 1)

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Ayele Nkromah

I’m interested, I would like more information on sprouting and eating healthier.


I want to learn to grow wheat grass


Yes please send more information I live in southeast Idaho and long to fill my plate with healthy greens without having to drive an hour to town … thank you

John D Connelly

I’m interested in learning more about growing micro greens.

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