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Dec 29
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We are starting a new year full of opportunities for growth and connection. While many people are setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions to lose this or that, we wanted to challenge you to add more to your 2024. More of what makes you happy and healthy. Starting a new year doesn’t mean you have to turn your habits upside down. Instead, take a look at what is going well for you. Maybe there are a few things you could cut out, and others that you crave more of. Our 2024 Sprout for Health Indoor Growing Challenge is all about you starting off the new year with what you need to feel like your best self.

Join us as we get a clean green start, break out and sprout, make tiny but mighty changes, and join for a green feast together. Setting goals doesn’t have to be about making radical changes. Take a good look at the things you love about yourself, your life, and your home. We can’t wait to see how you sprout into greater health this year.

Week 1 - A Clean Green Start. Detox with wheatgrass. learn about the health benefits of wheatgrass. Declutter your home. Take a daily walk. Replace bad habits with good ones. Week 2 - Break out and sprout. Try sprouting new varieties. Learn about the health benefits of sprouts. Try a new sprouting method (jar, tray, terra cotta, bag). Spend a few minutes stretching each day. Week 3 - Tiny but Mighty. Try growing new microgreens. Learn about the health benefits of microgreens. Try a new growing medium. Do a micro workout - move for 15 minutes. Week 4 - Feast Together. Share your favorite sprouts and microgreens recipes. How can you spend quality time with friends and family this week? What are your favorite sprouts and microgreens? What do you like about them?

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A Clean Green Start

Kick off the new year with a clean green start! With New Year’s resolutions flying across your screen it can seem overwhelming and impossible to suddenly implement a host of new habits. Thats why we are recommending to instead consider scaling back. Reflect on how you want to feel inside. We aren’t telling you what your goals should be. The intent of this challenge is to instead make small adjustments to the things you are already doing in your life for greater satisfaction. What makes you feel fulfilled, happy, and energized? Take a few minutes to write these things down. Consider the following prompts as you jot down your reflection.

Doing … types of activities help reduce my stress and makes me feel more relieved.

… makes me feel energized and excited.

I feel my best when I …

If I wasn’t weighed down by … I would …

I wish I had more time for/to …

Now that you have some seedlings of ideas for the types of things you should focus on this year, give yourself permission to start with a clean slate. Past choices, habits, and circumstances don’t have to stand in the way of experiencing more joy, energy, and connection this year. Below you will find some activities we recommend trying to detox from things that may be draining your energy.

Detox with Wheatgrass

Looking to better your health? Wheatgrass is a great natural detoxifying agent that aids the body in eliminating toxins, deposits, and illness. Wheatgrass juice contains a myriad of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals known to prevent disease, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and restore dirupted body systems. While this is not a magic juice that will fix all of your problems right away, it can play a noticeable role in healing a body that has been subject to stress, disregulation, and reduced energy.

Wheatgrass is popularly grown as a microgreen for 10-14 days before harvesting. When ready, the grass should be cut and juiced. To extract its nutrients, use a masticating juicer. Interested in giving wheatgrass juice a try? Simply down 1 oz of juice a day. This amount may be increased to 2-3 ounces, however you may want to pace yourself. The detoxifying effects can occur quite quickly. For more info check out the article “Detoxifying Properties of Wheatgrass” or Ann Wigmore’s The Wheatgrass Book.

Take Your Health To The Next Level

The Instafarm and Aquatree Garden are great ways to make the most of your indoor garden space. The instafarm is perfect for maintaining a constant harvest of microgreens. Its automatic watering system allows you to constantly grow an assortment of microgreens in a very small amount of space without much attention. If you are wanting more from your indoor garden, consider trying out the Aquatree Garden. This growing system allows you to grow bean sprouts, microgreens, leafy greens, herbs, and more! It really is the system that can do it all.

Declutter Your Home

As human beings we are affected by everything in our environment. While our food and beverage choices have a great impact on how we feel, so do the spaces where we spend our time. Both our work and home spaces have a great impact on our well-being. As the clutter around us grows, so does the stress it places on our minds. Take a few minutes this week to clear out un-needed things. As Marie Kondo has said, “All you have to do is eliminate what you don't need by confronting each of your possessions properly. To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose.”

Take A Daily Walk

Movement is one of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve stress and move emotions through the body. Sometimes you just need a break from responsibility, other people, or the indoors. Taking a simple stroll outside can do wonders for the mind and body as it is an opportunity to observe nature, get your blood moving, and enjoy some fresh air. Try breaking up your day with a quick 10-15 minute walk for greater inspiration and productivity.

Replace Bad Habits

There are a number of habits that may be bad or draining for you. Consider replacing one of these habits with something that adds goodness to your life. If the bad habit you have in mind makes you feel tired, replace it with something that energizes you. Life is just too short to keep habits around that stand in the way of your joy.

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Sirena Baisden-Wilson

This program sounds like an awesome start for New Year new me in 2024 Thank you for putting it together. I accept the challenge.

Barbara Wilde

I live in France a d would love to buy one of these. I don’t suppose you have a version adapted to european electricity?

Green thumbs

I’m in New York cold climate I need good vegetable seeds that q grow fast can u put me a package together

Lydia Perry

We are up to try !!!

Alva Russell

Can’t wait to start 2024 with new challenges


Exciting! Can’t wait to try!

Kimberly Lonas

I would love to be an ambassador for True Leaf. Lots of ideas finally coming to fruition in the next few months.

JoAnn Carey

I taught square foot gardening for 10 years. I am now switching over to indoor gradening and vertical garden tower gardening. I intedn to teach these in my community.

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