Instafarm - Automatic Microgreens Kitchen Appliance


Microgreen Growing Kitchen Appliance. Packed with True Leaf Market Non-GMO, Quality, Organic Microgreen Seeds and Organic Soil. Beginner-Friendly. Designed and Assembled in Colorado, USA. Growing microgreens is easier than ever with an automated watering system that holds enough for the entire grow. With a compact design, this growing system fits comfortably on your countertop or shelf. Grow an assortment of tasty microgreens with 9 tray spots that are ready to eat in as little as 7 days. Bring home better nutrition while you live life on the go.

🌱 Designed and assembled in Colorado, USA

🌱 All trays are packed with True Leaf Market quality seeds

🌱 Monthly Instafarm Lease - $17 a month Instafarm - 3 tray subscription options.

🌱 Basic Subscription - $369 Instafarm and $39 a month for 18 Trays

🌱 Classic Subscription - $339 InstaFARM and $59 a month for 27 Trays

🌱 Elite Subscription - $326 Instafarm and $79 a month for 36 Trays

Subscriptions can be canceled or modified anytime.

With 3 affordable seed tray subscription options, you don’t have to worry about running out of seeds again. Want to mix things up? No problem, choose from 10 easy-to-grow microgreen seeds, mixes, and bundles each month.

This item is ordered and fulfilled through our friends at the Instafarm store.

*** Does not qualify for True Leaf Market Rewards Points or sale promotions.