Fully Raw Kristina Complete Kit
Fully Raw Kristina complete kit with lid and book
Photo of Fully Raw Kristina
Handy Pantry sprouting lid
Sprouting Guide
Sprouting seeds included
Sprouting seeds included

Sprouting Kit - Fully Raw's 12 Best Sprouts


Fully Raw’s 12 Best Organic Sprouts Collection offers 12 delicious, nutritious, easy, and colorful organic sprouting seeds that you can use for any healthy meal. This selection is perfect for beginners and seasoned sprouters interested in trying out new varieties. The kit includes a 96-page full-color Sprouting Guide and a Mason Jar Sprouting Lid. This sprouting kit was hand-selected by our friend Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, also known as FullyRaw Kristina. 🌱The featured organic sprouting seeds include 1 oz. each of Alfalfa, Mung Bean, 5 Part Salad Mix, Protein Powerhouse Mix, Clover, Pea, Crunchy Lentil Fest, Daikon Radish, Purple Radish, China Rose Radish, Sweet Protein Mix, and Health Blend Mix. As always, our seeds are 100% non-GMO

🥗 To learn more about Kristina, visit FullyRaw for vegan recipes, lifestyle tips, and more!


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