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Jul 16
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Mid-July Garden Planting!

It's mid July and many garden vegetables are maturing such as tomatoes and peppers. It's not too late in the summer to start planting, they just need to have a shorter life cycle to be able to mature before it gets too cold. Several root vegetables and leafy green garden vegetables work great for this purpose--just be sure allow these plants to receive partial shade throughout the day.

Before planting any of these seeds, be sure to check your grow zone and the projected climate for the next few months just to be aware of the future climate your plants may be growing in and if it is indeed apropriate for you to plant a certain seed. But generally, the lists  below are vegetables suited for mid to late July planting or transplanting in most zones in the United States.

Direct Sow Seeds - shade cloths or row covers are required for these garden plants to give them reprieve on really hot summer days--especially at their young stages. 

Indoor Starts (Transplants) - start seeds in plug trays indoors and transplant seedling after a period of hardening off. Shade cloths not required.


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