Growing Love This Mother's Day: Activities and Gift Ideas

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Apr 30
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Mother’s Day is celebrated with a variety of heartfelt traditions, from giving flowers and cards to giving service and more. In its roots, Mother’s Day goes back to ancient spring festivals relating to maternal goddesses. Mothers and motherly bonds may be celebrated at various times by cultures around the world, but the sentiment is the same. Spring is a season to appreciate renewal, fresh beginnings, and the stunning beauty of nature. Celebrate together by making spring crafts, spending time in the garden, or gifting something you know they will love.

Celebrate By Spending Quality Time Together

Spending time together is one of the best ways to build strong bonds. Throw in a touch of nature and you have yourself a recipe for pure joy. Enjoy some time well spent reminiscing over fun memories and experiences from the past while you make something together to remember this Mother’s Day. Below are some of my favorite crafts involving a touch of the garden.

DIY Flower Candle Making

Candles are actually pretty easy to make. Simply melt some wax into your hand-selected container. Dress it up a bit by pressing some flowers against the edge for a decorative appearance or mixing them in for a floral aroma. For a lasting scent, add your favorite floral oils.

Herb Bundles

In my opinion, herb bundles are highly underrated. They are so easy to make! Simply bundle a clump of herbs, all the same or different, and secure them together. This can easily be done with a rubber band, twine, string, or ribbon. Herb bundles can then be dried for culinary use throughout the year, used as decor, or strategically placed for a natural potpourri.

Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

Making your own seed-starting pots is a great activity to engage young children in the garden. The newspaper will quickly break down for easy root expansion. Alternatively, toilet paper rolls can be used.

Painting with Nature

One of the most amazing things about observing nature is noticing the different textures, patterns, and functions found in seemingly ordinary flowers, leaves, stems, etc. What was once a stick can become a one-of-a-kind paintbrush. Set your creativity loose by using fruits, vegetables, sticks, leaves, flower blossoms, and more as your own personal paintbrushes.

Painting Garden Pots

Want to add a touch of character to your garden? Add some personalized pots to your gardening space. This is the perfect time of year to find classic terra cotta or other plain pots at your local stores. Dress them up with some paint for a touch of you.

Rock Garden Labels

Painting rocks is one of my favorite activities from childhood. They can be decorated to label the plants found throughout your garden or simply for some fun decor. Some cities have even created rock scavenger hunts where locals can strategically place their favorite painted rocks for others to find and enjoy.

Preserving Flowers

There are so many ways to preserve flowers. Try drying or pressing your favorite spring flowers for a memorable craft. They can easily be turned into wall hangings or bookmarks for your literary adventures.

Birdseed Ornaments

With the birds out and about, this is the perfect time to turn ordinary birdseed into an attractive ornament for your patio and balcony spaces. Enjoy the bustling activity of spring birds as they snack away just outside your favorite viewing locations.

Making Unconventional Containers

If you are limited to gardening in small spaces, unconventional containers are a great way to add some character to your garden. Any number of objects can be upcycled into an attractive growing vessel.

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