Blooms Beyond Boundaries: Unconventional Containers for Your Garden

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Feb 20
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Chelsea Hafer Written By Chelsea Hafer

Embark on a horticultural adventure as we delve into the realm of extraordinary garden containers that defy convention. Bid farewell to mundane planters and embrace a wave of innovation, turning everyday items into captivating vessels for your garden. The art of thrifting applies to more than interior home decor, it can also be used for creating tasteful and unique container designs throughout the garden and landscape.

Plastic Bin Paradise

Revolutionize your gardening game by giving plastic bins a second life as innovative plant containers. Stack them, paint them, and watch your garden bloom within these versatile and eco-friendly receptacles. Just be sure to create a source of drainage. Simply drilling a few holes in the bottom will do. Avoid allowing bins to sit flat on the ground, as this can block drainage even if holes are present. Try boosting them up with a wood or brick base.

teapot planter

Teacup Symphony

Give your garden a touch of whimsy by repurposing teacups into enchanting planters for young plants. This dainty arrangement brings a delicate charm to your outdoor space, turning tea time into a spectacle.

Globe-trotter's Delight

Transform old globes into spherical masterpieces of plant creativity. Let your garden showcase a global array of flora, turning these once-geographical artifacts into vessels of botanical exploration.

Culinary Palette

Infuse your garden with culinary charm by utilizing old colanders as hanging planters. These kitchen essentials become a whimsical display, draping your favorite herbs in a mesh of artistic functionality.

tire container planter

Rolling Artillery of Tires

Rev up your garden creativity by converting old tires into a unique plant artillery. Stack, paint, and let your floral arrangements burst forth, creating a planter that defies traditional gardening norms.

Vinyl Record Revival

Bring retro vibes into your garden by repurposing vinyl records into stylish plant containers. These musical relics become a testament to both vintage aesthetics and sustainable gardening, merging the worlds of melody and blossoms.

mason jar herb garden planter

Mason Jar Magic

Elevate the humble mason jar into a beacon of botanical charm. Hang them, arrange them, and let your garden dance with creativity. Mason jars become vessels of nostalgia, bringing rustic charm to your garden.

Shoebox Stories

Unearth the potential of old shoeboxes as garden storytellers. With a bit of artistic flair, these cardboard wonders transform into unique planters, each box narrating a tale of growth and greenery.

Dresser Drawers

Reimagine old dresser drawers as garden stages. Arrange them in a tiered fashion, allowing each drawer to house a different plant. Your garden becomes a theatrical masterpiece, with drawers unfolding scenes of botanical brilliance. Just be sure to secure the dresser so it doesn’t topple over with its spilling foliage.

ladder container planter

Magical Ladder of Growth

Ascend to new gardening heights by repurposing old ladders into vertical plant sanctuaries. Each rung becomes a stepping stone for your flora, creating a breathtaking display that defies the conventional boundaries of garden design.

Guitar String Serenade

Craft a melody of greenery by using old guitars as unconventional plant containers. Let vines entwine with strings, transforming your garden into a symphony of nature and music.

Bountiful Blooms in Buckets

Transform 5-gallon buckets into vibrant havens for your favorite flowers. Paint them in a kaleidoscope of colors, stack them, or hang them—these buckets become a canvas for your botanical masterpiece, turning your garden into a living work of art.

Embrace the unexpected, and let your garden become a gallery of inventive plant displays. These extraordinary containers not only redefine traditional gardening but also infuse your outdoor space with a unique blend of artistry and botanical wonder. Unearth the green genius within you!

Chelsea Hafer, True Leaf Market Writer

Chelsea is a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture and loves getting her hands dirty and watching things grow! She graduated from Georgetown University in 2022 with a degree in Environmental Justice and now resides in Park City, Utah, where she works as a ski instructor. Her love for nature extends to gardening and hiking, and she has gained valuable insights from working on farms in Italy, Hawaii, and Mexico, learning various sustainable agriculture techniques like permaculture and Korean Natural Farming.

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Rhonda Butler

I would love to share my journey of my home made compost and garden. I made my composite bin out of pallets and use it as soil that I have put in my raised garden bed made out of pallets. Last season I purchased only from you and my corn was bigger than stock from local grocery store and my cucumber leaves were larger than my hand. My constant challenge is keeping pesky squirrels out of my garden.

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