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Mar 27
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When you think you've started all your seedlings this year, you remember . . . flowers! While we prepare our vegetable starts, it can be easy to forget about the flower garden. Luckily it is still a good time to start flowers indoors and plan for those flowers we'd like to direct sow. Prep your soil pellets, your growing trays, and make sure your grow lights are good to go because it's time to get some flowers sown!

First, identify the preferred growing conditions of the plants you are looking to grow. Some flowers, such as Pansies and Begonias, do not handle intense sunlight and heat very well. So, these seeds are prime candidates for sowing indoors now and transplanting when soil temperatures are consistently above freezing. Starting them indoors allows them to get a head-start by germinating in a controlled environment. They will be ready to thrive outdoors when temperatures are just right! Below are a few more examples of ideal spring flowers:


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Others flowers, such as Zinnias and Marigolds, are more equipped to withstand the intense heat of late July and August temperatures when they are in bloom. Therefore, they are great for direct sowing in late spring--or for starting indoors and transplanting 6-8 weeks later. Find more seeds like this below:

Shasta Daisy
Morning Glory

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When the warm nights arrive, transplant your flowers where they are most suited. Either in your beds or on their borders—possibly in large pots or hanging baskets. Some flowers, prefer somewhat shaded areas and other direct sun. So, always review the seed packaging or product page to know the best placement for your flowers. Also, check out more flowers for springtime growing, and read about the power of flowers.

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