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Apr 21
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5 Flowers to Grow This Spring!

5 Flowers to Grow This Spring!

“[Flowers] are important,” says former Director of Disney’s Horticulture and Environmental Initiative, Katy Moss, “they make you feel good.” Here at, we couldn’t agree more. We believe that being in the company of flowers improves one’s well-being. And we wanted to showcase, what we think are, the 5 most essential flowers to grow in your garden this spring—just in time for Mother’s Day!

1. Dahlberg Daisy – Golden Fleece
These tiny canary blooms appear as the warmth of spring is ushered in, their mellow fragrance attracting butterflies. The green foliage is delicate and lush, energizing the blooms by contrast, making Dahlberg Daisy a perfect addition to arrangements and flower beds alike. When used in a flower bed, these daisies take on the role of ground cover, filling in the gaps between plants and rocks. Dahlberg Daisy is a tough flower too! It is known to withstand dry and arid climates, producing the same wild growth habit and classic hue.

2. Geranium – Pinto Premium Series
Also known as Cranesbills, Geraniums are known for their vibrant flowers and their unique blooming habits. These geranium blossoms grow together in clusters atop hardy stems with emerald foliage and come in warm pastel shades like Salmon, Coral, and Deep Rose—classic White is always stunning in its simplicity. The Pinto Premium Series is known for its vigorous growth and tenacity—you can even grow new plants from its cuttings! This strain has been known to bloom earlier than other geraniums and stick around longer before turning in for the Fall.

3. Snapdragon – Rocket Series
With an intoxicating fragrance and a one-of-a-kind bloom, Snapdragons are a favorite with gardeners across the board. Snapdragons have a wild quality to them. Their vertical nature and the overall cone shape of the blooms bring the meadow in your garden. They are known to grow up to 3 feet tall and in clusters. Some say the hues resemble that of a Van Gogh painting. The Rocket Series Mix contains white, deep violet, pink, and yellow blooms with puffy petals that grow closely together along the upright stem. It is especially fun to compose your garden with these unique blooms in mind. Snapdragons, along with the other flowers mentioned, have a way of complementing the differences in the surrounding plants. Florists love Snapdragons to as they can make a seemingly ordinary arrangements extraordinary.

4. Chrysanthemums – Snowland
Considered an herb as well as an ornamental flower, the Chrysanthemum is native to Asia, Europe, and Africa and has long been considered a symbol for truth. In China, the leaves and stem are commonly eaten as vegetables. The small blooms are delicate and attractive with long petals jutting out from a bold yellow bud. This strain of Chrysanthemum is ideal for filling in spaces in garden and arrangements because the stems are thin yet strong and deep green, adorning the small striking white blooms. The traditional shape and white shade of this flower highlights the unique colors and features of the surrounding flowers. It also mixes very well with Dahlberg Daisy

5. Carnations – Lillipot Mixture
Carnations generally carry a fragrance of cloves—some say nutmeg. This rich scent helps to cut through the floral scent of the other flowers, creating lovely complex aroma. The color combination (scarlet,peach, white, and canary with dark green foliage) of this mixture is the represents spring to its fullest. The Lillipot Mixture is easy to grow and ideal for pot and patio planters and garden beds alike. These carnations like to grow close together, creating a lush bed of color on their own


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