Shasta Daisy Seeds - Snowland


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70-77 days. Snowland leucanthemum seeds boast a dwarfed full sun alternative to the classic American shasta daisy. Snowland seeds promise hardy 6-9 inch tall creeping shrubs with dozens of 1-2 inch daisies ideal for window boxes, hanging baskets, or keeping indoors as a seasonal accent. Snowland leucanthemum seeds are the smallest and one of the most unique varieties of daisies available and are vigorous performers both indoors and out. Leucanthemum seeds are a perfect addition for gardeners with minimal time and space.


Growing Snowland Leucanthemum Garden Seeds

Snowland leucanthemum seeds have a wildflower-like habit and are most commonly broadcasted directly immediately after the frost. For earliest blooms, begin indoors 6-8 weeks prior and then transplant to a sunny spot either indoors or out. Leucanthemum seeds will germinate in 14-21 days with full lighting. Plants will not reseed for next year. Lightly press without covering 2-3 Snowland seeds every 12 inch in average, medium moist, and well-drained soil in full sun. Seeds may also be broadcasted freely in an open space to create a wildflower-like effect. Snowland leucanthemum seeds are vigorous garden performers with no serious pests or diseases. Spider mites and aphids may be a problem in some areas. Leucanthemum thrives in warmer, full sun gardens and known to tolerate dry and poor soils. Snowland leucanthemum seeds mature in 70-77 days as 6-9 inch tall creeping shrubs with a 12 inch spread of 1-2 inch daisy-like blooms.

Leucanthemum paludosum, or more commonly known as Creeping Daisy, is native to the warm and sunny stretches of Northern Africa and widespread among the Mediterranean. The plant Leucanthemum paludosum has been reclassified several times and having once been widely known as both Chrysanthemum paludosum and Mauranthemum paludosum. Leucanthemum is in fact more closely related to the common Shasta Daisy than to the chrysanthemum.

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