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hanging basket full of flowers

Hanging flower baskets are one of the most popular ways to display blooms all season long. They can quickly add a flash of color around your home and patio or attract pollinators to the garden. Not only are hanging baskets fun to look at, but they are also fun to make. Grow your own bright, full, cascading flower baskets for yourself or as a beautiful spring gift! For a truly impressive display, select a container that can support and display your blooms to their full potential.

Standard Hanging Flower Basket

standard hanging flower basket

Bloom Master Hanging Baskets

bloom master hanging flower basket

The Bloom Master Hanging Basket Planters are one of the best on the market. They allow for blooms to be displayed from every view while available in various sizes. For areas prone to drought and extreme heat during the summer months, pair your Bloom Master hanging basket with our Minute Soil+ Water Retention Mix to keep your blooms thriving all season long!

How to Plant a Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging baskets traditionally utilize three types of flowers to thrill, spill, and fill. The center will usually have a taller, more showy flower or foliage to attract visual attention. Around this center display, you can usually find various filler flowers that add a variety of colorful blooms and make your basket appear full. Then, trailing and cascading varieties are added around the edges to create a spilling effect. Use this hanging basket flower recipe with your favorite flowers for a basket that won’t disappoint. Need flower ideas? Check out our recommendations below. These are some of the most popular hanging basket flowers around.

Best Hanging Basket Flowers

Trailing and Cascading Flowers

Hanging Basket Foliage Plants

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Carolyn Despain

You mentioned thyme being such a wonderful herb to use fresh but you had listed many thyme varieties. Which one is the best?


Hanging flower baskets are amazing ! I’m gonna plant sooo many flowers this year! We love petunias for our baskets ! They are so pretty , my son loves them


What a great way to add more beauty to your days!

Diana Johnston

I’m gonna try to grow nasturtiums this year with your seeds! I’m hoping they grow well hanging from my garage. Thanks for the info!

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