Smart Seal 5 Gallon Bucket Lids - Singles


The Handy Pantry Smart Seal Lid transforms most 5 gal bucket designs into the ideal storage container. The screw-on lid is food grade and pest-proof. Literally, hundreds of applications for this reusable lid. 

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Smart Seal 5 Gallon Replacement Screw Bucket Lids

The Smart Seal Lid fits most 12" diameter 3.5, 5, 6 and 7-gallon buckets. Ideal for anyone frustrated with removing or reinstalling traditional 5 gallon bucket lids.  The lid is easy to install, snap on the adapter ring and screw on the lid clockwise.  Easy to open and close.

Keep your dog food, cat food, chicken feed, or horse feed fresh. Use it for dry food storage for emergency preparedness. Store paint, tools, and more in your garage. It creates the ideal container to brine and marinate meat.

  • Smart Seal Lid Bucket Lid - The Handy Pantry Smart Seal Lid transforms any 3.5, 5, 6, or 7-gallon bucket (with 12\" diameter) into the ideal storage container.
      • BPA Free
      • FDA Approved Food Grade Plastic
      • High-Density Polyethylene

  • Screw Open / Closed Lid Features - Uses two elastomeric gaskets to assure a food grade and pest-proof seal.
      • Re-seals your bucket
      • Fits universally
      • Easy to open.

  • Installation- Snap the bucket lid adapter ring to the bucket and spin the lid clockwise to seal. Spin the lid counter-clockwise to open. Install time: a few minutes. Perfect replacement for frustrating traditional 5-gallon bucket lids
  • Protect & Keep Food Fresh - Create a bucket container to store your dog food, cat food, chicken feed, or horse feed. Be prepared for an emergency and use the bucket with screw lid for dry food storage. Keep it in your pantry for bulk foods like rice, salt, or flour. Brine your turkey or marinate meats.
  • Endless Applications- Replace paint container bucket lids. Store your salt ice melt. Take it fishing to store your gear or fish. Keep wood pellets in it for your smoker. Put your survival gear in this screw open bucket with lid. Use it to store and transport lawn & garden supplies.

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