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Smart Seal Lids - Multi-Color 10 Pack


Multi-color 10 Pack. Get 10 Smart Seal Lids, 1 each in every color. 

The Handy Pantry Smart Seal Lid transforms most 5 gal bucket designs into the ideal storage container. The screw-on lid is food grade and pest-proof. Literally, hundreds of applications for this reusable lid. 

Find our Smart Seal Bucket Lid Singles here ->Multi-color Smart Seal Lid Singles

Smart Seal 5 Gallon Replacement Screw Bucket Lids

The Smart Seal Easy-to-open 5-gallon bucket lids are the solution to the relatable problem of prying off conventional 5-gallon bucket lid. Simply, attach the smart seal lid by hammering the edges down and then unscrewing the center piece of the smart seal lid to gain access.

The applications for the smart seal lid are endless! Store your pet's food, your garden seed, your wheat for making flour. Use it to make your own compost bin or to store non-food items such as camping and survival gear!

  • Screw Open / Closed Lid Features - Uses two elastomeric gaskets to assure a food grade and pest-proof seal.
      • Re-seals your bucket
      • Fits universally
      • Easy to open.

    For complete details and features of the smart seal lid, please seed the Smart Seal Bucket Lid -Singles page.

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