1020 Heavy Duty Microgreens Trays - With Holes - Blue - Shallow


Blue Extra Strength Shallow 1020 Trays with Holes by Bootstrap Farmer. Heavy Duty. Reusable. Dishwasher Safe - 5 PP plastic. BPA Free. 50-pound weight capacity. Food grade. Limited 2-Year Warranty. Recycled post-consumer plastic. For use with microgreens, wheatgrass, seed sprouting, seed propagation, hydroponics, and soil. Blue colored extra strength BPA-free 1020 trays by Bootstrap Farmer help professional and commercial growers stay organized.

Same trays WITHOUT holes

1020 Heavy Duty Microgreens Trays - With Holes - Blue - Shallow

Blue Bootstrap Farmer trays with Holes are created from the same number 5 PP plastic as many household kitchenware and food storage containers, offering the same durability and proven to carry up to 50 lbs without breaking or warping. Bootstrap Farmer trays are top-rack safe in dishwashers specifically designed for multiple uses. Blue colored 1020 trays with NO holes are more shallow than most trays, only 1.25 inches deep, offering growers more airflow into their crop to help manage mold. 1020 trays with holes are best nested with shallow Bootstrap 1020 trays with No Holes. Color coordinated growing trays help to organize any size microgreen harvest. Backed by a limited 2-year warranty, Bootstrap Farmer trays are guaranteed to be free of cracks and degradation. Warranty does not cover trays left exposed in the bare sun, as the sun degrades all plastics. Interior dimensions: 20 in. x 10 in. x 1.25 in.

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