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May 2
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Tomatillos are not tomatoes, though they do have similar appearances. To make matters more confusing, other common names tomatillo goes by are the Mexican Husk Tomato and Mexican Tomato. Their main difference in look is the green, papery husk. 

Like tomatoes, they come in a variety of colors, from oranges to greens and purples. Tomatillos also have a tangier and more acidic taste to them. You can add them to your favorite salsa mixes and Spanish dishes like tomatoes. 

Tomatillo is usually cooked before being eaten, but you can consume them raw if they are fully ripe. Just be sure not to eat any of its foliage as it is poisonous like tomato plants are. Always wash your tomatillos before use to remove any residue left by the foliage.  

Suppose you don’t plan on using your tomatillo for a while though you will want to store them in the fridge still in their husks. This can give you up to 3 weeks before they need to be used. 

When tomatillo is cooked, it often takes on a more citrusy flavor being more sweet than tart. Adding these unique fruits to your summer cooking will make a splash with your friends and family. 

If you want to give these guys a try, start with our yummy Fresh Tomatillo Salsa Recipe, which can be found on our recipe page. 

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