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Tomatillo Seeds

Tomatillo Seeds

Tomatillos are not just little Tomatoes as their name in Spanish would indicate. Also known as Mexican Husk Tomato or Mexican Tomatoe, the Tomatillo isn't actually a tomato. It is still a member of the nightshade family, but it has its own individual uses. You can identify it by the papery covering over the firm, green fruits. If the fruits become soft they are beyond their stage of being useful and should be discarded. To avoid any digestive issues it is best to cook tomatillo. Because of its tangy and acidic taste, tomatillos are often added to mexican cuisine. When it is cooked the tangy flavor transitions to more of a sweet and citrusy note, perfect for salsas and other sauces.

Instead of a traditional tomato based Mexican Salsa, consider trying out a Tomatillo based Salsa Verde with your home grown Tomatillos. However, be aware that unripe Tomatillos as well as most parts of the plant other than the ripe fruit are poisonous so be sure to wash the fruits thoroughly as well as your hands after handling them.

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