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Jul 11
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July Sowing to Early Fall Harvest!

Who'd have thought that July would be a great time to direct sow select garden vegetable seeds? Come to find out, it's a great time for quick-to-harvest crops such as Basil and Dill, Beans and Greens, and Carrots and Cucumbers! What happens is that the intense heat of the July sun keeps soils nice and warm for germination so that seedlings pop up with little struggle. Under the cover of a light-weight shade/grow cloth, the seedlings will spring-up, and by the cooler days of on-set autumn, your July-sown crops should be ready for harvest or getting pretty darn close!

Learn more about each seed we've selected as a prime candidate for July direct sowing below! Read about each variety and decide which one might suit your garden most!


Herbs such as Basil, Dill, Cilantro, and Oregano are quick to germinate and take hold in the heat. They will thrive as the summer leans into fall.


Now that the soil is nice and warm, beans will sprout and mature quickly and start harvesting in the waning summer heat. Try Kentucky Wonder, Topcrop, and Contender!


Kale and Chard are fantastic leafy garden vegetables for planting midsummer. The heat will help the seeds germinate and as the heat tapers off, the greens will come out sweet in flavor and vibrant in color.


Planting carrots now will provide them with the perfect environment to mature for harvesting in the early fall. Try Scarlet Nantes variety!


Fast growing vine or bush cucumber plants can produce an abundance of cucumber fruits. Vine cucumbers need more space than bush varieties. Try any pickling variety or burpless!


William DeMille

Some of my very best crops I have planted in July and harvest them throughout the fall. In fact carrots get sweeter if you let the tops freeze a little with natural early frosts before you dig them.

Cheryl Olson

I am in northern Wisconsin. I have also had a good deal of luck with Detroit Dk Red beets.