Flowers Perfect for Direct Sowing Right Now!

Flowers Perfect for Direct Sowing Right Now!

Although we've had a particularly late winter, with the snow flurries just ending, it's still not too late to sow flower seeds for summer time blooms—in fact, it's the ideal time for some of these beauties of summer!

Some flowers thrive being direct sown outdoors this time of year. Listed below are several varieties of flowers that you can direct sow now that will bloom during mid to late summer. These varieties are surprising additions to any garden regarding their unique shapes and colors—and how they just drink up the sunlight! 

 No need to buy more seed than you need—just do a test-run with these varieties that come in paper packets $3 and under each!


Zinnias are considered the kings of the summer annuals! Native to the American Southwest, Zinnias thrive in the intense summer heat. Select a sunny location after all threat of frost has passed and watch these summer champions grow! Select from the following packets:

California Giants Mix
Dahlia Flowered Mix
Thumbelina Mix
Lilliput Mix

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

If you are in a more temperate climate where it still may be a bit chilly, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is ideal. While germinating, it loves the cooler temperatures of the soil, but thrives in the oncoming heat of summer when maturing. One of the most popular flowering vines, this vigorous climber will begin blooming in early summer continue through the fall.

Heaven Blue


One of the world's most beautiful and popular flowers. Marigolds grow quickly from seed and bloom continuously through the summer and fall and are nearly trouble-free. Enrich soil with flower food before sowing and watch this staple of flower gardens take off! Select from the packets below:

Cracker Jack
Sparky Mix
Petite Mix

Cosmos Sensation Mix

This variety is more adept to being direct sown than other varieties of cosmos, developing rapidly and blooming through the summer and fall.

Sensation Mix


Sunflowers face the sun, so it's very important that sunflowers receive lots of sun. Sunflowers are loved for the big beautiful flowers that have a lovely aesthetic presence in one's garden! See several diverse blooms from the selections and assortments below:

Autumn Beauty
Teddy Bear
Heirloom Sunflower Seed Collection - 5 Pack

Hollyhocks Summer Carnival

Water them well and Summer Carnival Hollyhocks will provide you with spires covered in vibrant blooms. Plant in an area with full sun but where moisture can be maintained. Once well established, they will thrive with little attention.

Summer Carnival Mix

Wilderflower Mixes

The planting area must be tilled, well-watered, and free of weeds before you broadcast your wildflower mixture across your growing surface. Make sure this seed mix receives plenty of water while germinating. After that they should thrive in full sun.

Rocky Mountain Mix
Bee Friendly Mix
Hummingbird Butterfly Mix

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