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Jul 8
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peeled banana sitting on a cutting board

Before you throw away your banana peels, think about your garden. Did you know that banana peels are an excellent fertilizer as they are high in potassium, phosphorus, and calcium? They’ve also been found to have manganese, sodium, magnesium, and sulfur. All these nutrients are super beneficial to your plants.

Banana peels can be dried, then ground and sprinkled, chopped then spread, or even just added whole to add nutrients to your soil. You can use them as a nutritious layer of mulch (covered with a regular layer of mulch in order to prevent fruit flies). Of course, adding them to your compost pile is always an excellent option.

As a bonus, super ripe banana peels can be set out to attract butterflies, who then pollinate and beautify your garden. For more information look at our Butterfly Garden article. For easy-to-plant flowers try our Hummingbird & Butterfly, or Save the Monarchs specialty mix.

You can also make banana tea fertilizer for your plants. To do this simply put your banana peels in a jar with water and let it steep for a week or two. You then have liquid banana fertilizer that gives the plant roots instant nourishment. You can also spray this banana liquid onto the leaves of your plants to help deter aphids. How amazing is that?

Bananas are a zero-waste fruit. If you aren’t already, start feeding them to your indoor and outdoor gardens today. Your plants will surely thank you.

Happy gardening!

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Wow. I have been tossing away a lot of banana peels! Will start putting the. Outside!

Patti Martinez

I’ve been using banana peels for a couple of years, they make great fertilizer! They’re used to fertilize staghorn ferns so that just proves how great they are! I like making a tea with them then pouring it on my plants! Easy and inexpensive!

Lori L Frazee

I usually feed my peels to my worms. Looks like I can make tea then feed them to the worms… BONUS!! Thanks for the info

Gabrielle Boebel

Yes I love using banana peels in my garden! Banana peels also decompose very easily into the soil! I will occasionally soak one or two peels (stickers removed, of coarse!) Into a gallon or two of room temp water for 24 hours or so and use it to water my houseplants with as a natural fertilizer option instead of chemicals.

Wendy Strange

This is excellent!! Definitely going to start this!!

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