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Water is essential to plant growth and development. Typical growing medias, such as potting soils and mixes, allow water to flow freely through the root growth area of plants, at times resulting in dehydration, which causes poor crop growth and less than optimal yields. Retaining your rain and the supplemental water you give your plants is a constant battle and is getting more and more difficult . . . and expensive!

Retain - Large and small tubs

True Leaf Market is proud to introduce Retain, our newest product!

Retain is the premium water conservation soil additive available. Retain is specially formulated to increase the water and nutrient retention of soil and soilless media, such as Coco Coir up to 50-60%. Retain works well in any growing media where maintaining moisture is essential to successful plant growth and development.

The best results of Retain are realized when the product is mixed thoroughly into the growing media where the roots will grow. For even better results, try mixing a soilless media like Coco Coir with your existing soil and Retain for the maximum water retention.  Retain is safe and easy to use with no chemicals.

Retain soil additive mixed with coco coir

Retain’s performance is particularly effective in containers and areas that dry quickly such as:

  • Hanging Baskets
  • Raised Flower / Garden Beds
  • Indoor plants
  • Landscaping
  • Potted Plants
  • Back yard gardens
  • and anywhere you encounter dry soil and thirsty plants between watering

Retain will extend the time between necessary watering by absorbing water and nutrients and keeping them available for when your plant needs them most.

Retain is an excellent product for use in xeriscape yard remodels.  Make the best use of all your natural rain and water while feeding your plants.  Retain is the perfect partner for a water conservation minded yard.

Perfect growing environments for Retain:

  • Xeriscapes
  • Arid and Desert climates
  • Water conservation mandated locations
  • Drip/Minimal irrigation areas
  • Plants requiring consistent water sources

Retain is only available from True Leaf Market.      


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