Retain - Water Retention Soil Additive


Retain plant crystals are a safe and easy-to-use soil additive made out of water-absorbing ingredients (cross-linked polyacrylate, bentonite clay, lava rock, and silicates) that absorb up to 40x its own weight in water. 50 lbs of retain can hold up to 250 gallons of water. It increases the water-holding capacity of soil by up to 60%, helping to prevent waterlogging and releasing the water to plants, minimizing evaporation, especially in hanging baskets prone to drying out.

What Makes Retain Different Than Other Water Retention Crystals: In a word... speed. Most water retention beads/crystals soak up water very quickly. You can watch them puff up quickly as they absorb water. They are also unacceptably fast in letting go of the water. Retain takes it sweet time soaking up water, and correspondingly, is very slow to let it go... providing more water, longer, for roots, not evaporation.

Retain the Water in your Soil

Perfect for:

  • Lawns
  • Garden
  • Potting Soil
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Potted House Plants, more

Retain plant water absorption crystals can be used in countless applications from reducing the watering frequency for house plants and keeping plants watered on vacation, to reducing water bills for lawn, garden, farm, landscape, to golf courses. Retain water crystals conserve water, especially in regions prone to heat and drought.

For containers (pots, planters, baskets, seed starts, and house plants) use 1 tablespoon of retain crystals to every 3 cups of soil. For lawn, farm, and garden applications use 5 cups of retain water crystals for each square yard. Simply mix retain evenly into dry soil or another growing medium. Water repeatedly activates the superabsorbent polymers.

Retain close up

About Retain Plant Water Absorption Crystals

  • Releases water slowly to plants, minimizing the watering frequency and keeping plants alive on vacation. The eco-friendly mix of time-released super absorbent polymers, volcanic rock flour, and clay mineral
  • Retain soil crystals additive is simple, yet essential, to anything from helping commercial landscapers conserve local runoff or simply keeping a favorite houseplant watered while on vacation. Super absorbent polymers gradually and evenly release water and minerals into the soil to reduce plant stress during prolonged heat and drought. Perfect for plants and outdoor starts requiring full sun conditions.
  • Retain Crystals Promote sustainable local water conservation for regions prone to heat and drought - Uniform moisture throughout the soil promotes deeper root penetration for healthier and more tolerant plants""encouraging hardier stalks, greens, blooms, reseeding, and fruit production.
  • Retain is essential for beginner hobbyists, busy enthusiasts, seasoned gardeners, and veteran farmers looking to minimize water consumption without compromising quality or productivity - Fortifies soil to absorb up to 50 - 60% more local runoff and nutrients than untreated soil. Ideal for hanging baskets and house plants.
  • Super absorbent polymers help prevent waterlogging from excessive rain and moisture and even benefit from repeated watering to fully charge polymers for extended periods of drought - Retains 40x weight in water to minimize wasteful summer watering, irrigation, and sprinkler use.
  • Retain is derived from polyacrylate, lava rock, bentonite, and silicates:
    • Cross-linked Polyacrylate (23%)
    • Bentonite (30%)
    • Lava Rock (23%)
    • Silicates (10%)
    • Water (14%)

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