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A good time to start your herb garden is now—whether it's in your backyard, on your balcony or in your windowsill in containers, nothing says springtime like an herb garden! Herb are defined as plants that are used by humans for a variety of reasons, such as medicinal, aromatic, and culinary applications. Diversity seems to be the calling card of the herb. For example, basil is prolific in it's uses; the sweet flavor of its leaves is prominent in types of cuisine and as a main ingredient in teas, and the growing plant can be grown primarily for it's strong yet lovely fragrance.

Some herbs are commonly planted among growing garden vegetables to ward off harmful insects and to attract helpful ones. Some examples of "companion herbs" are Bronze Fennel, Spearmint and Peppermint (although you'll want to plant these in containers), Dill, and Coriander (Cilantro). Also, understand that some herbs such as Chives, Parsley, and (previously mentioned) Dill and Peppermint are sown by broadcasting seeds across the surface of your growing space. Whereas, herbs like basil seeds are sown in a single spot and buried.

When preparing your herb garden, it is good to know how you are going to use your herbs in the future. That way you can base the layout of your garden on your chosen application. Below are categorized list of herbs, but keep in mind there is crossover. 

Culinary Herb Seeds:


Medicinal/Tea Herb Seeds:


Herb Kits and Assortments:

Indoor Culinary Herb Kit
Stack & Grow Planter + Culinary Herb Kit
Mini Garden Stacker + Culinary Herb Kit
8 Herb Seed Assortment

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Chukwuemeka Dominic

Sir, we’re very much interested to acquire both the knowledge of these herbs, their uses and the process of its preparation / formular for use.; is it possible to get all these PROCEESS-INFORMATION from your firm? Thanks.

Marva Tibbetts

I purchased a microgreen starter kit from you and followed all the directions. It is now day seven and the beet seeds have not even begun to send out roots and only a few of the cilantro seeds have just begun to send out seeds. How long does it usually take for these two to start to root? The othe types of seeds in the startup kit are growing great!

Marva Tibbetts

Should the cilantro and beet seeds be kept covered in the dark until they have germinated and are rooting out? Or coven if they haven’t started to send out roots, should they be uncovered and put under lights after how many days in the dark?

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