6 Gallon Hanging Basket

Planter Quantity:

This basket is huge, ideal for city hanging baskets that have to match up to wide streets and tall buildings. These hanging treasures will easily brighten up an area because of its unique and attractive form.

6-Gallon Hanging Flower and Vegetable Basket

Great for commercial and residential uses, the 6-gallon basket will grow vegetables and display bright flowers with minimal effort. The innovative design showcases flowers in a way that no other hanging basket can, granting blooms and stems the space to grow long and healthy.

  • 13 inches high 1
  • 14 inches in diameter
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Three rows of ten openings
  • Comes with a 3 strand chain kit for hanging the basket.

Bulk Amounts

Case = 14 Baskets

1/4 Pallet = 150 Baskets

Full Pallet = 600 Baskets

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