Zinnia Seeds - Thumbelina Mixture


60 " 70 days. Dwarf, Short. Annual. Thumbelina Mix Zinnia flower seeds are a small, adorable, compact, short, and vibrant addition to grow in any home or garden. Thumbelina Mix flower seeds are durable and easy to grow, ideal for indoor containers and planters or for a charming border around your flower bed. Thumbelina Zinnia Mix flower garden seeds are a dwarf variety, as well as one of the smallest and most unique varieties of zinnias, perfect to decorate indoors, give as a potted gift, or to keep the butterflies fluttering around the garden. Thumbelina Zinnia Mix seeds promise short, neat, small, and tolerant zinnias ideal for gardens prone to heat and drought. Bulk wholesale available.

AnnualNon-GMOAAS Winner

Growing Dwarf Thumbelina Mix Zinnia Garden Flowers from Seeds

Thumbelina Mix Zinnias debuted as a 1963 All-American Selections (AAS) Gold Medal Winner. A perfect trimming to any garden or as a thoughtful, potted gift. This dwarf Zinnia Flower variety makes a short, and delicate addition to gardens.

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