Queen Lime blush Zinnia Flower
Queen Lime blush Zinnia Flower
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Zinnia Seeds - Queeny Lime Blush


75-85 Days to maturity. Zinnia elegans. Queeny Lime Blush Zinnia Flower Seeds. Non-GMO, open-pollinated, annual. Queeny Lime Blush Zinnia Flowers are strikingly unique zinnias that produce large pom-pom blooms of greenish pink color. This flower is also known as Queen Lime Blush or Queen Lime Blotch. The breeder of this bloom has developed new colors in this series, leading to an update from “Queen” to “Queeny” in the name. This variety is perfect for landscapes as bedding, border, or mass plantings. An exceptional zinnia cut flower with tough stems and blooms full of unique color. Approx. 5,610 Seeds/oz.


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