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Wildflower Seed Shaker - 3 Pack Gift Set

Wildflower Seed Shaker - 3 Pack Gift Set


Our Wildflower Seed Shaker Gift Collection includes three pollinator friendly wildflower seeds, packaged in hand-illustrated, fully compostable shakers. Featuring a beautiful, easy to use seed shaker of Hummingbird & Butterfly, Save the Monarchs, and Save the Bees seed mixes. Each shaker covers ~250-370 square feet for a total of 1,000 square feet of coverage.

🐝 Our wildflowers seed mixes are 100% pure, non-GMO, and guaranteed to grow. 🐝

Your purchase benefits the protection of all bees and monarchs! With every purchase of this collection, we will donate 5% to the The Bee Conservancy and 5% to Monarch Joint Venture.


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