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Open pollinated. Whole Millet seeds are great for high germination sprouting, birdseed, and animal feed. Whole Millet Organic Grain is available to buy in various quantities in resealable packaging. This is excellent for sprouting, with a high germination rate. Well known as one of the key mixes in bird seeds and animal feed on farms and zoos, Organic whole Millet grain maintains its high performance as a reliable stock. It is closely monitored and microbial tested to prevent the possibility of infectious or transmittable diseases to receptacles, such as trays, jars, or sacks.

Certified Organic.

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Millet Grain seeds have about the same protein content as wheat (11%) and is high in vitamins and minerals, especially B Vitamins. Millet grain is usually the main ingredient in most birdseed mixes as it is a softer small seed that can be eaten by all birds, whole or hulled. Organic Millet is a grain that is excellent to grind for flour, bird seed, and beer making.

Whole Millet


Whole Millet seeds are a unique grain that withstands damaging weather conditions including soil erosion due to tillage, rainstorms and other effects, and also creepy-crawlies, bugs, and insects. Whole Organic Millet seeds are easily toasted, and also crushed, and milled in food processors. It can be transformed into trouble-free, fortified meals for every occasion. It is also favorable for beer making. This USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, gluten free grain ensures health, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Nutritional facts and analyses indicate a well-rounded presence of minerals, proteins, vitamins (especially high in vitamin B), fats, and amino acids (the building blocks of life). Whole Millet seeds yields a significant harvest.


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