Watermelon Seeds - Shiny Boy Hybrid (treated)


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90 Days to maturity. Citrullus lanatus. Treated Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelon Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, hybrid, heat tolerant, seeded, picnic watermelon. Suitable for growing in garden plots. 2010 Vegetable AAS Winner. Known to grow in the garden as a generous crop that keeps on giving. This Shiny Boy type has non-GMO seeds and produces a high yield of marble-shaped melons with a green-striped polished rind and bright-red fruit. ~607 seeds/oz.

VegetableAnnualNon-GMOAAS Winner

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Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelon Treated Garden Seeds

Sowing & Growing:

As larger melons prefer higher temperatures, it"s essential to start Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelons indoors in cooler or northern climates. Transplant seedlings after these non-GMO seeds have grown indoors, in a warm location 4-6 weeks before your region"s final frost. Sow Shiny Boy seeds in either pea pots or any biodegradable seed starting container of your choice. Plant seeds ½-1" deep, with 2-3 in each cell. If you live in a warmer climate or southern region, Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelon seeds can be sown directly for longer growing seasons as early as May. Before planting, it"s a general tip to mend and pre-garden your soil by digging a mini reservoir and preparing a fertile mound. First, shovel a hole at least 1" deep and 3" wide, then mix in compost and place 6" of enriched soil on top of the mound. This will develop a rich bed to nurture your watermelon crop. Plant seeds 1" deep in raised hills with 6-8" spaced in between rows. It"s recommended to space up to 12" if needed, especially for the large seed varieties. After the young plants have at least one set of true leaves, thin down to the 2 strongest plants for each hill. Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelons prefer a nitrogen-generous fertilizer and grow best with row covers or mulch. Don't overwater watermelon plants, especially during their final fruit-ripening phase, but give at least 1" per week in their early development.


The "“thumping" method doesn't ring true with every watermelon variety. In fact, the ideal method to see if it"s time to harvest melons, has more to do with color and the feel of fruits" exterior. Check for harvesting Shiny Boy Hybrid (treated) Watermelon seeds by seeing if the stem and tendril of the primary vine has dried out. Then, touch the rind of the watermelon to see if there is any push back while pressing with your thumb. around 85 days from the sowing date. You can also begin harvesting your generous crop of Shiny Boy Hybrid Watermelons around 80 days from the sowing date.

Shiny Boy Hybrid (treated) Watermelon Seeds Per Package:

  • 1 oz - Approximately 660 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 2640 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 10,560 Seeds
  • 5 lbs - Approximately 52,800 Seeds
  • 25 lbs - Approximately 264,000 Seeds

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