Watermelon Seeds - Regal F1
Watermelon Seeds - Regal F1
Non-GMO Regal F1 Watermelon Seed Bulk Bag

- This diploid hybrid was selected for use in third world areas as this large seeded variety is easy to plant by hand and sunburn resistant.

Watermelon Seeds - Picnic - Regal Hybrid


85 Days to maturity. Citrullus lanatus. Regal F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, hybrid, heat tolerant, seeded, picnic watermelon. Suitable for growing in garden plots. New large seeded hybrid diploid with a dark green and striped rind. Selected for use in third-world areas, this large-seeded variety makes for ease in planting by hand. About 420 Seeds / Oz.


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