• Vegan Nut Milk Bag - Packaging
  • Vegan Nut Milk Bag - Washable and reuseable

Vegan Nut Milk Bag


This vegan milk making bag from Handy Pantry is perfectly suited to strain pulps from nuts, rice, fruits, vegetables, and more. The durable 10" x 12" nylon cloth washes out easily in warm water. Includes double-stitched edges and a drawstring.

Vegan Nut Milk Bag by Handy Pantry - Whole Foods Straining Cloth

This high quality handmade straining bag from Handy Pantry is made for creating homemade vegan milk. The durable nylon material makes rinsing snap by simply running the bag under warm water. This bag is perfect for those looking to make most any kind of whole foods milk including coconut, almond, cashew, hemp seed, oat, and more.

  • 10" x 12 inches
  • Reusable & Washable
  • Handmade High Quality Nylon Bag
  • Great for Making Vegan Milks
  • Make almond, hemp, coconut, oat, rice, cashew & flax milk
  • Also use as a sprouting bag, steeping teas and juicing
  • Use and cleaning instructions included

Handy Pantry's vegan nut milk making bag can be used for everything from separating pulp from milks, to steeping tea with fresh tea leaves, to sprouting seeds while on the go. The durable nylon mesh with double-stitched seams give excellent support for even large projects. Perfect for every whole foods kitchen.

Almonds not included

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