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90 Days. xTriticosecale. Organic. Non-GMO. Open-Pollinated. A robust and highly productive hybrid between wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale), Organic triticale seeds are a tenacious garden cover crop popularly sown overwinter to replenish soils of their depleted nutrients. Triticale is a wheat-rye cross! Originally bred in Scotland and Denmark. Forage yields can be higher than wheat or barley yields. In addition, triticale is more disease resistant in many cases. Many forage wheat fields can have severe stripe rust and barley scald has been a problem in some barley fields in other years. However, triticale in many of these situations be disease free. Triticale works very well in a grazing/haying system. Triticale has also performed well when grown dryland or when irrigation was limited. Perhaps due to its extensive root system and rye background, triticale has good drought tolerance. Non-GMO Organic triticale cover crop seeds retain the prominent, abundant yield potential of wheat grain while boasting the same tolerance to extremes as rye field grain. Wholesale seed paper packets and bulk available. ~750 seeds/oz.

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Growing Organic Triticale Cover Crop Garden Seeds

About Organic Triticale Cover Crop Seeds

Like other winter wheat grains, Organic triticale cover crop seeds are popularly broadcasted directly in the fall to overwinter, ready for garden harvesting the following autumn. For traditional garden harvests, plant 2-3 Organic triticale seeds ½" deep and 6-8" apart in fertile, loamy, well-drained garden soil in full sun. Non-GMO triticale seeds germinate in 4-10 days, with no thinning required. Harvest heads of triticale seeds when they have become dried, hard, and heavy the following fall. Organic xTriticosecale is a tenacious hybrid of wheat and rye specifically crossed for its tolerance to pests and diseases. Organic triticale cover crop has no serious pests or diseases.

Organic Triticale Benefits

Non-GMO Triticale planted as a cover crop provides ideal soil tilth, controls soil erosion, and aids in weed suppression. It is also traditionally tilled back into the soil as a green manure for future crops. As triticale is mixed with wheat, these plants contain sufficient amounts of protein and types of vitamin B, supplying 50% more fiber content than wheat and are suggested to help balance blood sugar levels.

Although a notable winter cover crop, xTriticosecale is only recently gaining traction as a readily-digestible commercial, and profitable cereal grain. Introduced by German and Scotish horticulturalists, triticale cover crop garden seeds are still a relatively new field grain popularly made available for annual livestock grazing, fodder, and easily-digested milling. Grow annual Organic triticale seeds overwinter as a nitrogen-rich cover crop and turn the grain back into the soil to provide a fertile, Organic "green manure" garden compost. Recently, Organic triticale has been studied as a possible natural energy crop to be harvested as an Organic biomass for clean, renewable bioethanol production.

Wholesale Organic Triticale Cover Crop Seeds Per Package:

  • 25 g - Wholesale - Approximately 650 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 12,000 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 60,000 Seeds

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