Tomato Seeds - St. Pierre
Tomato Seeds - St. Pierre
Tomato Seeds - St. Pierre Seed Packet
St. Pierre Non-GMO Tomato Seeds Bulk Bag

- This cold and drought tolerant French variety is great for a variety of uses as it is sweet and flavorful.

Tomato Seeds - Salad - St. Pierre


74-88 Days to maturity (from transplant). Solanum lycopersicum. St Pierre Tomato Seeds. Non-GMO, warm season annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, indeterminate, salad tomato. Suitable for growing in garden plots, raised beds, and greenhouses. St. Pierre is a beautiful variety. The Vines are tender, and the fruit is thin-skinned. Each tomato is 2 inches and red with green shoulders. St. Pierre is a sweet and rich tomato and a good producer under adverse weather conditions. Approximately 6,800 seeds/ounce.


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