Tomato Seeds - Momotaro - Hybrid


Tomato Seeds - Momotaro - Hybrid. Non-GMO. Solanum lycopersicum. AKA faan kee, kamatis, ma khuea thet, takkali, tomasu, tomat, tomato. 60 days. Warm season annual; Indeterminate. This hybrid is the dominant fresh market tomato grown in Japan. It is one of the most perfect, attractive, deliciously sweet tomatoes available. An extra early variety indeterminate vine-type, it is vigorous, has medium sized leaves, a medium short internode, and 6-7 fruits per cluster.


Tomato Seeds - Momotaro - Hybrid

Mature pink fruits have green shoulders, weigh about 1/2 lb each and are tolerant to cracking. It has a long shelf life and is a good choice for shipping. Excellent choice for fresh market and home gardening. Resistant to verticillium, fusarium 1, nematodes, Tm-1 and stemphylium. Cultivation: Start seeds inside 6 weeks before last frost date (or 8 weeks before expected transplanting date). Keep soil warm until emergence (75-80°F minimum). Seeds will not germinate in cool soil and planting out too early may affect plant vigor. Harden off plants carefully before transplanting. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Transplant in late spring/summer (soil temperatures at least above 60°F) in a warm and sunny location. Plant so that soil level is just below the lowest leaves. Train to a vertical support. Too much nitrogen will produce lush foliage and few fruits. Momotaro varieties do not like daytime temperatures above 86F and poor fruit setting will result. Temperatures above 95F most pollen die and flowers will abort. (Points for successful production) Making healthy seedlings is very important and stressed seedlings do not produce good yields. Transplanting of very young seedlings causes excessive vegetative growth. Prepare fresh or cooked. Use in stir-fries, soup or salad.

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