Tomato Burgundy Traveler
Tomato Burgundy Traveler
Burgundy Traveler Tomato Seed Packet
Non-GMO Burgundy Traveler Tomato Seed Bag

- These large, meaty, red tomatoes can weigh 6-12oz and perform well in hot climates.

Tomato Seeds - Slicing - Burgundy Traveler


80 Days to maturity (from transplant). Solanum lycopersicum. Burgundy Traveler Tomato Seeds. Non-GMO, warm season annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, heat-tolerant, indeterminate, slicing tomato. Suitable for growing in garden plots, raised beds, and greenhouses. Enjoy these large, meaty red tomatoes that are similar to beefsteak or Brandywine tomatoes. Each Burgundy Traveler tomato can weigh between 6 and 12 oz. and has an earthy, sweet flavor and meaty texture. Indeterminate Burgundy Traveler tomato plants perform well in hot climates. ~7,500 seeds/oz.


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