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70-75 days. Patio Hybrid Tomato Seeds. Solanum lycoperscium. Determinate. Non-GMO. Hybrid. The Patio Hybrid Tomato seeds are ideal for a limited space garden, or, as the name suggests, as part of a container garden. In conditions of wind and rain, it would not hurt to provide some additional support, even though this is a determinate (non-vining) plant. This plant is highly productive, yielding many tomatoes. As a dwarf tomato variety, Patio Hybrid plants are perfect for new gardeners or kids who want to learn how to grow their own tomatoes!

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Growing Patio Hybrid Tomato Vegetable Garden Seeds

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How to Grow Patio Tomatoes from Seed

Begin sowing annual Patio tomato seeds with a seed-starting container under grow lights. Plant tomato seeds 0.5 inches deep in a warm and rich starting mix. Be sure to expose seedlings to heat and light for the duration of the day and turn them off for 8-10 hours during the night.

Patio Hybrid Tomato seeds thrive in a temperature range of 75-85° with moist soil and full sun. Germination will take 7-10 days. Transplant young seedlings to 3-inch containers before hardening off and moving outdoors. Once summer tomato plants have 2-3 sets of true leaves, expose them to outside conditions. Set mature Patio Hybrid Tomatoes outdoors once your region's temperatures don't drop below 50°. Once your tomato plants are established, select 1-2 of your strongest plants and remove their smaller leaves, leaving a single top set of leaves. Plant Patio Hybrid Tomato deeply, with only its top set of leaves exposed.

Be sure to water Patio Hybrids in the morning, once the top layers have drained and at the plants" base. All tomato varieties need warmer conditions and rich soil in order to thrive and develop fruit. Dwarf patio tomatoes prefer loamy, well-drained soil with a pH level of 6.0-6.5 and added compost.

Patio Hybrid Tomatoes in the Vegetable Garden

Especially if you have less space, bush-type tomatoes are easy to manage with their compressed vines that reach 2-3 feet tall.

These fast-maturing patio tomatoes bloom as a determinate crop and prefer a container at least 12-inch deep, as they develop 3-4 oz sweet, juicy and rich fruit.

As this bush-type variety only reaches 2-3 feet tall, you may not need to use a trellis, however, more support would help its compressed vines and upright growth. As these rich and sweet 3-4 oz tomatoes are fast-maturing, feed plants a liquid fertilizer a few times throughout development. Patio Hybrid Tomato seeds bloom an early-to-mid season determinate crop.

These patio tomato plants are perfect for containers, but will need more water than garden tomatoes.

Harvesting Patio Tomatoes

As Patio Hybrid Tomatoes are an early season variety, these dwarf plants should be ready for harvest around 70 days from the sowing date. As a determinate bush crop, this hybrid tomato will produce a rich crop for a mid-summer harvest.

You can harvest Patio Hybrid Tomato plants by gently pulling the red fruit from their calyx hat with one hand, while holding the stem with the other.

You can also use gardening shears so you don't damage the 3-4 oz fruit. It"s best to let tomatoes stay on the vine for longer to allow their fruit to fully develop their bright-red color and sweetness.

As this early season annual tomato is perfect for container growing, try cooking up a new tomato dish that is easy for kids to learn for an enhanced summer activity!

About Patio Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Solanum lycoperscium (70-75 days)

Patio tomatoes grow best in a seed-starting mix or Organic potting soil rather than in garden soil. This dwarf hybrid variety also needs a liquid fertilizer added a few times throughout development.

Dwarf patio tomatoes grow nicely in their own container as they greet and invite anyone passing by.

Patio Hybrid Tomato seeds will not only enhance your cooking, but your mood too! This early season variety has bright-red fruit, juicy texture and will satisfy any gardener's appetite in the heat of summer.

Their fast-maturing sweetness makes tomato growing easy and are a perfect variety for kids to manage and learn!

Non-GMO Patio tomato seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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