Tomato Green Zebra Organic Seed
Tomato Green Zebra Organic Seed
Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra - Organic - Packet
Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra - Organic - Bulk

- [\"This unusual looking dark green striped green/yellow tomato was developed by Thomas Wagner in 1983 with a \"zingy","zippy","lemon-lime","tangy\" flavor.\"]

Tomato Seeds - Salad - Green Zebra (Organic)


75-90 Days to maturity (from transplant). Solanum lycopersicum. Green Zebra (organic) Tomato Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, organic open-pollinated, heirloom, heat tolerant, indeterminate, salad tomato. Suitable for growing in garden plots, raised beds, and greenhouses. Resistant to Late Blight, Septoria Leaf Spot. Green Zebra Tomato seeds grow as tender annuals and highly productive mid-season plants. These heirloom tomato plants can grow 5 feet tall, requiring a stake or trellis to help its growth. Zebra Tomatoes develop their bright yellow-green fruits and love the heat. With emerald-green zig-zags around their perfect globe shape, these summer tomatoes are crack-resistant and eye-catching. Their sweet and tangy flavor keeps growing into fall. Zebra Tomatoes are popular for gardeners who love to cook or just eat fresh! ~10,000 seeds/oz.


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