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65-75 days. Celebrity Hybrid Plus Tomato Seeds. Solanum lycoperscium. Semi-determinate. Non-GMO. Winner of the All-America Selections award, this hybrid cultivar tomato seed is a garden favorite! Celebrity Hybrid tomato seeds grow a plant that is bushy, and stops growing at a certain height. Celebrity Hybrid tomato does need staking, and will continue to bear fruit, unlike true determinate type plants. This is a lovely large red globe tomato. Everything you loved about the original Celebrity, plus an added resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus. A widely adaptable hybrid for fresh market and home garden. Celebrity produces large, smooth fruit with outstanding flavor.

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Growing Celebrity Plus Hybrid Tomato Vegetable Garden Seeds

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How to Grow Celebrity Plus Hybrid Tomatoes from Seed

Celebrity Plus Hybrid tomato seeds are best started indoors 5-8 weeks before your region's final spring frost. Begin sowing annual tomato plants with a seed-starting container under grow lights.

Plant seeds 1/4" in a warm and rich starting mix. Be sure to expose seedlings to heat and light for the duration of the day and turn them off for 8-10 hours during the night. Celebrity Hybrid Tomato seeds thrive in a temperature range of 75-85 degrees F, and need moist soil.

Germination will take 1-2 weeks. Transplant young seedlings to 3" containers before hardening off and moving outdoors. Once summer tomato plants have 2-3 sets of true leaves, expose them to outside conditions.

Sow Celebrity Hybrid Tomato seeds outdoors once your region's night temperatures don't drop below 55 degrees F. This hybrid hearty tomato prefers full sun and needs 1-2" of watering per week, especially during fruit development. Allow the top layer of soil to dry before watering mature tomato plants.

Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes in the Vegetable Garden

This rich hybrid variety produces an early-to-mid season crop. All tomato plants thrive with extra nurturing.

Without a trellis, Celebrity Hybrid Tomato plants will need 5-6" in between rows. As these delicious tomatoes are fast-maturing, feed them by scattering a fertilizer made of peat moss and vermiculite throughout development.

Using row covers or mulch will help retain moisture and protect your garden-grown plants all summer long. Even though this popular Celebrity Tomato seed adapts to different climates and is disease and crack-resistant, tomatoes still need warmer conditions and enough water in order to produce delicious fruit.

Hybrid tomato varieties prefer loamy and well-drained soil with a pH level of 6.2-6.8. Add a rich compost for healthy tomatoes. This sphere-shaped slicing tomato is technically a determinate seed, however; due to its active growth and high yield, Celebrity Hybrids have been considered semi-determinate and can be harvested for longer.

Harvesting Celebrity Plus Hybrid Tomatoes

As Celebrity Hybrid Tomato seeds are an early season variety, these hearty plants should be ready for harvest around 70 days from the sowing date.

As a semi-determinate bush crop, this hybrid tomato will keep producing into late summer until your region's first frost, which is why some gardeners consider Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes midseason. Harvest by gently pulling the red fruit from their calyx hat with one hand, while holding the stem with the other.

Harvest consistently to allow more growth. You can also use gardening shears so you don't damage the 8-10 oz sweet tomatoes.

A popular way to store garden-grown tomatoes is by canning them for a sauce or salsa. Pick your final round of Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes in early fall to allow them to ripen more in room temperature.

About Celebrity PlusHybrid Tomato Seeds

Solanum lycoperscium. (65-75 days). Semi-determinate.

Celebrity Hybrid Tomato seeds grow as annual semi-determinate crops that thrive in summer temperatures with fast-maturing fruit.

Technically, as determinate plants, Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes produce enough for gardeners to consider their active growth as an early season variety that provides delicious high yield of slicing tomatoes for longer!

As a popular bush variety, Celebrity tomato plants reach 3-4" tall with hearty red 8-10 oz sphere-shaped fruit that can adapt to different climates. Celebrity Hybrid crops are crack and disease-resistant.

Non-GMO Celebrity Hybrid tomato seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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