Organic Sweet Protein Sprouting Mix
Organic Sweet Protein Sprouting Mix
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Organic Sweet Protein Sprouting Mix Seed Package

Sweet Protein Mix - Organic - Sprouting Seeds


Organic Sweet Protein Mix features three of the quickest, healthiest, and most delicious sprouting seeds available. Fava bean, mung bean, and yellow pea are all large legumes ready to eat in about 36-72 hours and each boast nearly unparalleled amounts of plant-based vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and Vitamins C and B Complex. All three of these sprouting seeds boast a sweet, nutty, and very mild flavor without any spiciness or bitterness as can be expected from many sprouting seeds and microgreens. Fava sprouting seeds are thin-shelled and medium-sized, much smaller than other varieties of fava intended for garden use. Fava is nearly effortless to germinate and, as a slightly larger seed, is perfectly suited for either a sprouting tray, jar, or bag. Mung is the sprout that started it all and arguably the most familiar ever, found in nearly every restaurant, grocery store, and deli counter.


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