Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Jar Lids


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These replacement wide mouth mason jar lids are made from 316 stainless steel and include a durable silicone gasket. We make these lids 30% thicker than other stainless lids on the market, for a lifetime of dependable use. Stamped to distinguish from other lids. Dishwasher safe.

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Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Jar Lids


  • 6 PACK INCLUDES: Pack of 6 stainless steel wide mouth jar replacement lids, with silicone gaskets.
  • 12 PACK INCLUDES: Pack of 12 stainless steel wide mouth jar replacement lids, with silicone gaskets.
  • GASKETS INCLUDE: Pack of 6 replacement silicone gaskets for use with Trellis stainless steel rings, lids and jar top fermenters.


  • CUSTOM-STAMPED: These lids are custom-stamped so you won't confuse them with your normal metal lids! All the other stainless lids on the market are easy to confuse with non-stainless rings and can cause unwanted rusting.

  • 30% THICKER 316 STAINLESS STEEL LIDS: We made these 30% thicker than normal lids using so they can handle anything you can throw at them (or throw them at). Seriously, these things are beefcake! They"re also the only 316 Stainless lids on the market which makes them the most rust-proof lids in existence.

  • LEAKPROOF & VERSATILE: These lids are 100% waterproof thanks to our removable food-grade silicone gasket. They are also great for storing dry goods, drinks on the go, fermentation, gifts, and more.

  • EASIEST TO STERILIZE: Unlike lids that rust, our jar lids can be boiled and sterilized after each use. They are also dishwasher safe.

These lids are NOT designed for water bath or pressure canning.  If you are looking to can, we recommend using good old fashioned canning lids. 

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