Alfalfa Organic Sprouting
Alfalfa Organic Sprouting
Alfalfa Sprouts Seeds - 4 Oz
Non-GMO Alfalfa Sprout Seeds - 8 Oz
Organic Alfalfa Sprout Seeds - 1 Lb
Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds: Organic 2.5 lb
Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds: Organic 5 lb
Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds: Organic 35 lb Bucket
Non-GMO Organic Alfalfa Seeds - closeup

Alfalfa - Organic - Sprouting Seeds


4-6 Days to Harvest. Medicago sativa. Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds. High Germination. Organic. Non-GMO. An ancient field crop that has continued to thrive in this modern era, organic alfalfa has since become arguably the most popular sprouting seed on the planet. These easy-going sprouts can be done in a tray or jar and have a mildly nutty and sweet flavor. Whether sprouting at home or for commercial use, non-GMO organic alfalfa sprouting seeds are simple to grow, full of raw vitamins and nutrients, and ready to harvest in just 4-6 days. Wholesale and bulk seeds are available. ~12,500 seeds/oz.


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