Spinach Viroflay Seed
Spinach Viroflay Seed
viroflay spinach seeds packet
non gmo viroflay spinach seed bag

- This spinach originated in France around the 17th century and is loved for its fast maturing leaves that can be harvested earlier than others with a sweeter flavor and less oxalic acid.

Spinach Seeds - Viroflay


Non-GMO, Heirloom Viroflay Spinach Vegetable Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Spinacia oleracea. Viroflay Spinach Seeds originate from France around the 17th century and have been cultivated in Paris. The crisp rich-green leaves of this French heirloom grow 10" long, are fast-maturing and can be harvested earlier than others! As a hardy cool season crop, this semi-savoyed spinach, also known as "Monster Spinach" provides less oxalic acid than other varieties with sweeter flavor. Large-leaf annual spinach is easy to plant in your summer or fall garden, as it develops abundantly. Viroflay Spinach is also used to make medicine, treat illness, boost brain health and aid digestion.

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