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Seed Assortment - Growing Happiness Annual Flower Collection


Growing flowers can be incredibly nourishing for the soul. Here are a few beautiful varieties that you can grow at home selected by our friend Roxana from Soil & Margaritas. These flower seeds for planting were chosen for their rich, vivid shades of red, orange, and purple. Includes 6 annual flower seed packets: California Giant Mix Zinnia, Dwarf Alaska Gold Nasturtium, Rosie O'Day Alyssum, Goldie F1 Sunflower, Chocolate Cherry Sunflower, and Black Dragon Coleus. ~3,800 total seeds


Seed Assortment - Growing Happiness Annual Flower Collection

We are very excited to introduce this NEW collection of annual flower seeds made in collaboration with Indiana urban gardener, Roxana. Her YouTube channel Soil and Margaritas teaches viewers how to enjoy growing flowers and veggies. 

This hand-selected collection includes:

🌻 California Giant Mix Zinnia - 

The "king of summer annuals," California Giant Mix seeds are the largest variety of Zinnias ever, growing 4 feet tall and bursting with spectacular semi-double flowers.

🌻 Dwarf Alaska Gold Nasturtium

Nasturtium is very colorful and easy to grow, making it a great annual ground cover. Deep yellow blooms play across the variegated foliage like gold in a stream.

🌻 Rose O'Day Alyssum

These flowers are hardy, easy to grow from seed, and thrive in a variety of cool summer gardens. Rosie O'Day Alyssum debuted as an AAS Bedding Plant Winner for its ease at growing from seed and bright seasonal aroma.

🌻 Goldie F1 Sunflower

These flowers look like pompoms and can grow to be 6 feet tall. The plants are sturdy and can be used as cut flowers as well. Add a pop of color to your home with Goldie.

🌻 Chocolate Cherry Sunflower

Heirloom Chocolate Cherry sunflower seeds mature to be 6 to 7 feet tall ornamentals with deep burgundy petals and an even darker center, very similar in appearance to Velvet Queen. 

🌻 Black Dragon Coleus

Black Dragon seeds mature into tolerant 12" tall dwarfed shrubs of rich velvety reds spreading 10-12" wide for an eye-catching ground cover along walkways, borders, fences, or in the flower bed.

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